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Tools to Improve Your Learning :

4694932765_5d6780dc1b_mOnline learning in Denver has made the leap to the mobile phone world. As more schools embrace the power and potential of the smart phone, students will start to see some amazing and cost-effective ways to get the best education possible. The smart phone is mining down the number of gadgets that people need to learn on the go. Here are a few tools to improve your learning with just one mobile device.

It’s About the Apps

The app craze has gone beyond games, music, and weather. Today, you can ditch the E-reader and download apps for Amazon and Barnes & Noble right to your cell phone. The powerful Android platform makes accessing these great online resources simple and powerfully fast. Android Zio is a great example of a smart phone that can serve as a mobile learning device.

Along with e-reader capabilities, the app developer community is also offering learning tools such as games, mobile quizzes and even mobile bulletin boards that keep teacher and students connected. With apps like Exchange by Touchdown, you can even sync your Outlook to your phone to guarantee you don’t miss an assignment.
Learning Should Be Fun

One of the most fun and popular apps available for mobile phones is Google Sky Map. By pointing your phone to the night sky, the app will highlight the brightest stars and constellations. Stargazing has never been so fun and informative.

If you’re into instant video, the Android phones allow you to stream live videos via Ustream. As a student, this is a super fun way to make a presentation. As a teacher, it’s a convenient and interesting way to conduct class.

We know that some people are resistant to moving learning away from the classroom, but hey at least you won’t have to worry about a squirrel sneaking in and disrupting the whole class. This was a real concern when teaching in Denver… We had this Denver squirrel removal company on speed dial.

Technology is going to move the classroom into the world, so even the most resistant student will enjoy learning.